When To Replace Your Garage Door?


Knowing when to replace a garage door can be tricky as there may be times when a simple repair to your garage door is all you need, however, some issues may make be better addressed with a replacement over a repair. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • Scratches— If your garage door becomes severely scratched, it might be time to replace the door. If the scratches are deep, the door can start to rust. Once a door rusts, it will definitely need replacing, as rust will make the door flimsy and prone to breakage. If it’s just a small surface scratch, you’ll likely be able to continue to use the door without issue for some time, as long as the cosmetic side of scratches aren't a great concern.

  • Dents— If the door is majorly dented, this may be a time to replace it. While the door may open and close fine, it could be doing irreversible damage to other parts of your garage door system. These dents could throw off the balance of the door and place extra pressure on the tracks, causing them to eventually break as well. If a car caused large dents by hitting your garage door, we recommend not opening the door until a professional has been out to inspect and track for damage. This type of damage may be mitigated for a while with some struts, however, replacement may be a wiser use of your money.

  • Warping— A wooden garage door can become warped or cracked over time. Once this happens, it’s irreparable and needs replacing. In order to avoid warping, make sure your wooden door is stained or treated on all sides before installation. You may have to re-stain anually to keep the wood protected from water and humidity. At Lake Woodlands Garage Door, we no longer install wooden doors due the high maintenance, instead we have a line of accent garage doors that have the look of wood but are made of steel, they are sandwiched, insultated door and very beutiful. You have the look of wood but the ease of steel door.

Curb Appeal— Eventually, your garage door may begin to look old, outdated, faded or saggy. There is nothing like a new garage door to give the exterior of your home a fresh look and great curb appeal. Replacing an old garage door can easily bring a full return on the investment when the house is sold.


Whether you’re looking to stand out from the other houses on your block, or you simply want to love the look and function of your new garage door, there are plenty of extra accents that make your garage door attractive and functional.

  • Carriage house doors replicate the look of doors found on barns and carriage houses in the 1800’s. These doors were much more elaborate and decorative than the functional garage doors we see today. Originally, these doors would have been made from wood, but now they can also be made from steel and composite. This style can be a little more expensive than a basic garage door, but the extra cost will go miles when you’re looking to add beautiful curb appeal to your home.

  • You can also customize your door by adding some choice hardware. Adding a handle or hinge set to the door can give it extra visual appeal. Obviously, this hardware won’t serve any functional purpose, but it will add unique details to your garage door. Adding just a few ornamental elements can take your garage door from plain to a real statement.

  • You could also put windows in garage doors to give extra visual appeal to the outside while bringing natural light to the inside. They can be placed in any section of the door, but typically they’re placed at the top or second row of panels to allow the most natural light into the garage.

  • Energy efficient garage doors are insulated to add a layer of protection from the outside weather from entering your home through your garage. An insulated garage door will help reduce the amount of heat or cold that enters into your garage, and ultimately your home. If your garage is attached to your home or if there is living space above your garage, this may be something to consider in order to reduce your heating and cooling bills. If you use your garage as a workspace and generally spend a lot of time in there, adding insulated doors will make your time in the garage more enjoyable. An insulated garage door is also quieter than a regular garage door as the insulation will act as a buffer to reduce the frequency of noise from the outside.


It may seem like a no-brainer that you want to add a lock to your garage door. However, if you have a motorized garage door opener, it may not be necessary at all. These electronic doors and motors function as the lock. The only time someone will be able to open the door without the motor is when the disconnect cord is pulled to release the garage door from the opener. Many garage door technicians advise against installing locks on motorized garage doors, because it can be easy for a child or friend to accidentally engage the lock. Once engaged, they may try to open the door with the opener, causing irreversible damage to your door. The lock prevents the door from opening, while the garage door opener struggles to pull the door up. This could end up severely damaging the doors or breaking the tracks.

If you don’t have a garage door opener installed on your garage doors, then it’s very necessary to install a locking mechanism on the door. Otherwise, the doors could be an easy entryway for an outside intruder.

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When To Buy A New Garage Door
When To Buy A New Garage Door