Replacing Garage Door Track and Rollers

The garage door rollers and track system allow you to open and close door with very little hassle. The rollers that travel on the track are actually attached to the door, when the door opens or closes, the rollers move along the shaft. Over time, builder-grade rollers, whether made of hard plastic or even steel, over time they will require replacement due to wear and tear.

Often times the garage door track can get knocked around with an occasional ding, or even a bump with the car. There may come a time when it makes sense to replace the track, it can even be replaced in sections as needed. Needless to say, a straight, smooth track will contribute to a smooth running garage door.

When Should You Do Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement? Property owners can use several ways to detect a fault or damage that warrants the replacement of the garage door track and rollers. Visual Inspections When you inspect the condition of the rollers, you might notice some form of wear and tear. With steel rollers, you may notice corrosion or rust. Frequent Roller Pop-Out Another way to determine whether you need to replace the garage door is when the rollers keep popping out of the track when operating the door. This can occur because the roller tires are too worn out that the diameters cannot fit inside the track.

Lake Woodlands Garage Door always throws out any cheap rollers that may come with a new garage door, we replace them with the sturdy, smooth and quiet nylon rollers. These are the best rollers for your garage door. How should you select a professional garage door repair company? When you experience difficulties operating the garage door and need it addressed further, it is important to call a garage door company that you can trust.

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Garage Door Rollers
Garage Door Rollers