Repairs and Your Garage Door System

Sometimes garage door issues can require a visit from a technician, however, the following issues may be something you are able to address.

  • Garage Door Remotes, (transmitters) Remotes are an integral part of your garage door system, and when they’re not working properly, you’ll definitely notice! Sometimes issues arise with your transmitters that prevent the signal from reaching the opener. The first place you want to look is to the batteries, this is usually the number one reason why a transmitter stops working. In addition, check the frequency your garage door opener is running on. Sometimes, a neighbor may be using the same frequency for their garage doors as you are for yours, and when they drive by and attempt to open their garage door, it opens yours as well. You may think your garage door is acting up by opening and closing randomly, but really, it’s just opening when prompted by someone else’s signal. If all else fails for your transmitters, you can reset them by pressing and holding the ‘learn’ button on each transmitter. You may need to consult your garage door owner’s manual for additional instructions on how to reset.

  • The photo eye sensors are dirty or misaligned Two photo eye sensors are located at the bottom of the garage door entrance on either side of the door. They’re pointed directly at each other and shoot an invisible laser across the door entrance to identify if something is in the path of the closing garage door. Sometimes, one or both of these eyes become dirty or blocked by something like mud from your car or a spider web that’s growing over it. If this is the case, gently wipe away any dirt or debris with a soft, damp towel. If the garage door still won’t close, they photo eyes are probably out of alignment, This can easily happen when they are bumped with a trash can or bicycle, they simply need to be readjusted so they’re pointing directly at each other again.

  • The track is out of alignment Over time, the track that your garage door runs on can move slightly, causing the track to become misaligned. You may hear a rubbing noise at a particular spot in the opening and closing cycle, or you could notice the door slowing down slightly once it moves past a certain point. This issue isn’t detrimental to the functioning of your garage door, but you certainly don’t want to be running it like that for a prolonged period. If left unfixed, this misalignment could worsen and cause more serious issues that end up ruining your entire system. So, if you think your track is having an alignment issue, fix it or call your garage door technician for help right away. If you’re in need of repair in Phoenix, AZ, callStapley Action Garage Doorto handle garage door issues for all makes and models.

  • The cables or springs are broken.While this is a serious and potentially dangerous issue, it likely won’t require you to replace your entire garage door system. However, this is not a DIY project. If there is an issue with the springs or cables, you should definitely hand the project over to a professional. You’ll know your springs or cables are broken because you’ll hear a loud bang coming from your garage if you’re inside your house. Alternatively, if you’re closing your garage door, it will shut really fast and slam down onto the pavement. At this point, don’t attempt to open or close your garage door again until you’ve had a technician come out and repair it. The cables and springs will definitely need replaced, but you should be able to avoid replacing the entire system unless damage also occurred to the door, track or opener.

  • The disconnect switch is enabled All automatic garage door openers come with a disconnect switch that allows you to safely open your garage door in the event of a power outage. Once this switch or rope is pulled, the garage door is disconnected from the mechanical opener and can be opened manually. Sometimes this switch can accidentally be pulled or become unhooked by a large object that you’re carrying in through the garage. In order for the garage door opener to open the door again, you’ll need to reattach the hook on the opener to the garage door.

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