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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

New Garage Door, Garage Door Repair, Broken Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Opener
New Garage Door, Garage Door Repair, Broken Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Opener

Garage Doors Need Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Garage doors are an essential part of the home. They can keep the cars and the home safe while improving the curb appeal. Garage doors are used everyday, and often times, we don't often bother to inspect them until something goes wrong. A garage door system is a piece of mechanical equipment, it has moving parts that can fail or wear out, therefore, it's important to ask yourself, “does my garage door need attention"? Keep in mind that Garage Door Tune-ups can be an excellent and cost efficient tool to keep your Garage Door in good working order.

* Listen to the Garage Door

If your door is creaking, scraping, shuddering or excessively loud, you may have a problem that you will want addressed before it becomes a big, inconvenient repair.

* Check the Balance

Turn off your garage door opener and lift your garage door manually. It should come to rest a few feet above the ground. If the door flies all the way up into the overhead track or if it goes up and then slams back down, you have a balance issue that you need a professional to fix.

* Clean the Sensors

This problem doesn't typically require a professional. Your photoelectric eyes, or safety sensors, alert the garage door not to come down if there is something underneath it. Make sure no debris (such as leaves or spider webs) are blocking them, they can be cleaned with a mild cleanser regularly to make sure they work properly, just be sure you don't knock them out of alignment in the process.

* Check the Track

Make sure there is no debris blocking the track on which the garage door travels.

Remember, you don't have to be resigned to a loud, jumpy, clunky garage door, just a little maintenance can help extend its life and functionality.

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