Easy and Attractive Garage Organization Tips

It's easy to look at your garage door and get overwhelmed by the clutter. People often use their garages as catch-alls for everything from boxes and bins to sports gear, bicycles, winter coats, and all kinds of junk. No matter how big or small our garages are, they always seem to fill up fast and before you know it, you can’t even walk through your garage, let alone park your car in it.

Here are a few tips that might help you get your garage door clutter under control and transform it into a welcoming, organized space for both you and

your vehicles.

Suspended Shelf Storage

You can’t store anything on the floor where you park your car, but you can quickly and easily make suspended shelving to store holiday decorations and seasonal items in the space above your car. Get the full instructions to create sturdy, useful suspended shelving click here.

Garden Tools Station

Got a green thumb? Want to store your gardening tools and accessories without taking up a lot of space or jumbling them up? Create a space just for your gardening supplies with dirt in buckets, seeds in drawers or boxes, and tools organized and hanging from a pegboard. Get a pegboard from Home Depot or Lowes and go to town with this project!

DIY Shovel Rack

Never knock your garage door off-track again by allowing to come down on a broom or rake handle. With some inexpensive wood and very little effort, you can make a rack to store pitchforks, shovels, rakes, and posthole diggers so they won’t ever have to lie on the ground again.

Repurpose Your Kitchen Jars

If you have kids, you probably go through a lot of peanut butter, Nutella, and jelly, right? Don’t throw out those containers,instead, repurpose them as convenient and creative storage in the garage for nails, screws, and other small parts and pieces. Running low on space on your counter or workbench? Just screw the tops of these jars to the underside of a wooden shelf. It’s easy, convenient, and it’s free!

Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Do you and your kids store your bicycles in the garage? Instead of throwing them down where they can easily get run over, pick up a couple of these handy, wall-mounted bike racks.

Magnetic Strip for Tools

Tired of misplacing and losing tools? Grab a couple of these magnets and mount them on the wall or on your pegboard for clutter-free tool storage.

Attractive Labelled Storage Bins

Make it easy for your kids to clean up after themselves. Instead of leaving their toys and other objects lying around the yard, they’ll know exactly where to put their things with these attractively labeled buckets from a hardware store or dollar store. You can make the labels yourself with chalk stickers, chalk paint, or Sharpie markers.

Bucket Hose Holder

Want a holder for your garden hose that also has some space to hold small odds and ends? Just drill three holes in the base of a bucket and mount it to the wall where you want to store your hose using either screws or bolts.

At Lake Woodlands Garage Door, we hope these project ideas have been helpful. Of course as always, if you need garage door or garage door opener assistance, we are the name you can job too big and no job too small!