Call A Professional if You Suspect a Broken Garage Door Spring

About 3 years ago, my dentist asked me what we did for a living, I explained that we owned a garage door company. He mentioned that he recently worked on a patient who had tried to change out his own garage door spring, you know, to save a little money. Well, it ended in a terrible accident, the dentist worked on his mouth for 8 hours and it ended up costing his patient $10,000.

Replacing garage door springs is no easy task and requires not only experience but the appropriate tools; to first understand the importance of contacting professionals to repair and replace your garage door spring, you need to understand how complex the process is.

Garage doors have a rotation spring lift mechanism that generally has two tightly wound springs and drums at every end; it is entirely suspended on a header wall above the garage door. To replace a broken spring, you must first determine that it is, in fact, broken; springs normally expand 1 – 2 inches and recognizing a broken spring is quite simple, even for the untrained eye.

Unwinding the springs takes very specific winding bars and serious upper body strength to unwind the heavy springs. The cable drums must also be removed from both ends; afterwards, both springs and drums must be re-wound


Even with the appropriate tools, this is not something we would recommend trying yourself and can be very dangerous. Although it might be tempting after watching a YouTube tutorial, severe injuries can occur. For this reason, we highly recommend calling a professional, as my dentist pointed out, DIY's don't always save you money.

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